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The Artist

and the Innkeeper

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One man, one woman, passion, love, art, history

The Artist and the Innkeeper is an account of the life, legend and mystery of the curiously forgotten Renaissance artist and poet, Bernardino Luini – a man so gifted his work was often attributed to Leonardo da Vinci. It is a five-century old romantic journey beginning with the artist’s humble start and tutelage under the shadow of Leonardo, through his misadventures and relationships, to the frescos that today draw art lovers to European cathedrals and global art museums.

This lyrical story recounts Bernardino’s apprenticeship and coming of age in Milan, departure amid scandal and ill-fated love affairs. Violence and misunderstanding follow him.



Italian painter Bernardino Luini created gorgeous and serene religious works in the early 1500’s, but he is unjustly overlooked today. For anyone who finds the art of the Italian Renaissance magical and appealing, yet wonders about what might have gone through the minds of its makers, The Artist and the Innkeeper offers an imaginative window to that world. This is appealing historical fiction, the story of a painter trying to balance his faith and human emotions.

Frederick Ilchman

Chair, Art of Europe, and Mrs. Russell W. Baker Curator of Paintings, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
I am delighted to encounter a work such as The Artist and the Innkeeper where Bernardino Luini’s magical ability to conjure the Christian narratives of his time is brought to the fore. Ioffredo’s novel charmingly captures the spiritual and evocative nature of early Italian Renaissance paintings and builds our appreciation for the lives, communities, and landscapes that inspired such gorgeous art.

Deborah Hartry Stein

PhD, Independent Art Historian
A romantic voyage through renaissance italy

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Alan Ioffredo is a first generation Italian American and an ardent appreciator of his heritage. He is a founding partner of ALENA Wealth and an adjunct faculty member at Boston University’s MET College. He lives near Boston with his wife after having raised three children and a dog. This is his first novel.
When I wrote The Artist and the Innkeeper, I knew nothing of COVID-19. It is a sad coincidence that this virus should exact its heaviest European toll within the region serving as the setting for this story - Lombardy and Milan.

My references to plague and death came with no foresight for what was near at hand. It’s a touch magical now to read the Artist’s imagined prayer for those faithful of a better day.

It is with gratitude and regard for global caregivers, that I pledge 10% of my proceeds to Doctors Without Borders.